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Serving breakfast and snacks by use of petit trolleys

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Petit trolleys are used to make serving breakfast easier in places like restaurants, aeroplanes, hostels and, hospitals to name a few. A good petit trolley is durable, cheap, has no material waste, is of high quality, is easy to use, safe, and should have a low maintenance cost. A trolley meant to serve customers should have a good aesthetic appearance and should get its design concept from the organization it is being used in. It should also have general customization features to satisfy the wants of any client with ease. The material used to make the trolley will depend on the intended purpose of the use. For food trolleys is requires a material that is durable like aluminium, stainless steel, glass, and Perspex & acrylic. Electro calorique will offer good quality petit trolley.

The simplicity and quality of products from electro calorique

Electro calorique is a well-known creator of meal trolleys. They offer a wide variety of products to the hospitality industry. The products have been well appreciated in the past years of their service. The products they offer are used for different roles in meal service and distribution. The products they offer are trays, collective dishes, crates, and petit dej’ trolleys. These products have been made to suit the different sectors that use trolleys for service delivery like hospitals, prisons, hotels and clinics. These products have been developed and designed in France. They have been manufacturing the trolleys for over 60 years. In recent years have come up with good designs and innovations. The products have complied with guarantees of international food hygiene and safety standards. They are also easy to use and maintain. They are manufactured to ensure comfort due to the accurate use of the principles of human anthropometrics and ergonomics. Electro calorique can also customize any product to suit you and your objectives.

Why breakfast should be served by trolleys offered by Electro Calorique

Petit trolleys offered by Electro Calorique will suit your needs as they are manufactured to be light and simple. The trolleys are made from aluminium which ensures weight distribution to ease the effort used while pushing the trolley. It gives the user an adequate workspace of about one meter. On two or three of its sides, it has a gallery. The gallery ensures the trays are customized to carry a specific product. These will ensure serving the customer is easy and also upholds safety. The gallery has a compartment that can refrigerate sensitive foodstuffs. It is a feature that ensures the trolley adheres to recommendations by HACCP that require foodstuff served have been well preserved and are safe. Some of the advantages of the trolleys made by electro calorique are it is light due to their aluminium design, it is simple to use, it has a standard design, and it has many different modulable accessories. The trolley can have some other features like a garbage holder, a menu card, a shelf that can be folded, decorations that can be customized, a telescopic drawer and a sorting tray.


It is vital to ensure that you just don’t buy an ordinary trolley. You should ensure that you purchase a trolley that suits your specifications and that will fully satisfy your customers.

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